Tuesday, October 5, 2010


One phase of life that everyone have to face when you enter College/University. Almost every high school students wishes to enter College/University life as soon as they can just because they thought that they have more freedom in many ways. More time to hang out with friends, dress according to your mood instead of wearing uniforms all the time, party, club, booze, not much strict rules that will tie you down.

Yes, those are true and our seniors ain't lying. But I guess they forgot to mention on the fact that our work load and stress level increases as well at the same time? College/University life is way much more different than high school life. Due dates/deadlines for assignment and exam are always fixed near to each other, assignments aren't just essays which can be copied from the web and paste on our Word document and hand it up. NO! Oh yea, did I mention that our semester period range around 3 - 4 months in average? Shortest semester period can just be 2 months plus or so. Go figure on the amount of time you have to rush for your assignments on each subject you take for the course you enrolled in :O

However, I'm not gonna explain everything here on how scary our assignments are and everything has to be originally written base on your own words after doing some research. For the benefit of our high school juniors out there, that is :P

Trust me. ALL of us goes through this stage of life. So face it, cause you can't run away from it :P

Blessings & Peace Out,
♠ Vanessa ♠™ ♥

Monday, October 4, 2010

A storyteller's tale

Came across this video on Facebook and realize that it's yet another one of Yasmin Ahamd's brilliant work again! Reminds me of my grandmother in Old Folks Home now :'(

Blessings & Peace Out,
♠ Vanessa ♠™ ♥

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yasmin Ahmad

Not sure what has gotten into me to watch some of her inspiring videos all over again. I am probably one of those people out there who have never really know who she is and what are her contributions to Malaysia.

Yes. Though I have seen some of her advertisement videos elsewhere without realizing that it was her film some time ago, I guess like what I always thought in mind, "Maybe cause that was before I join Acts TV and hence, I know nothing about the film industry and have no interest in learning more about it anyway."

But truthfully speaking, I really never thought of all this until I join Acts TV, until I pursued in Mass Communication course in Taylor's. Not until last year. As time pass by, I slowly get to know more about film and all the hard work people goes through to produce a good film and all. I still don't really know who Yasmin Ahmad was when she passed away last year. Until recently, the course mates and I were given an assignment to watch an interview video of hers few years back on Star World and to analyze her story and bla bla bla.

I guess the requirement for us to do a research on her really allows me to get to know this inspiring storyteller even more, even better. Watching her films, advertisements, the stories she tells by blending in a Malaysian/Singapore culture really does give people from other countries an insight on the beauty of Malaysia. But still, I don't get why the governments wants to censored her films and all just because of the whole racial issue thing as mentioned in one of her interviews. But that's beside the point, am not gonna bad-mouth about the government.

Yasmin Ahmad. Though I still may not know you well yet, but your contribution in the Malaysia film industry and the country itself really is something worth sharing to the next generations. An inspiring storyteller, filmmaker, someone who dares to dream and go beyond limitation with different challenges in your life and career, a great lost to the country and in the film industry. You'll be missed. Thanks for everything. Though you're no longer here with us, but your stories remains :)

Blessings & Peace Out,
♠ Vanessa ♠™ ♥

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Look at my last post! 2nd of August 2010! D:

Konon-nye want to maintain my blog and update it with tons of blogpost as often as I can when I stated in one of my previous blogpost quite some time ago. Guess my blogging mojo just died on me as soon as I posted it up on this blog and I just abandoned it for almost 2 months since then -.-

What got me to start blogging again? IPD (Issues in Publication and Design) assignment 03. Yes, so it seems that we'll have to do another blogging assignment again and I never thought that this day would come after our previous blogging assignment in our Foundation year for one of the subjects. Which I can't really recall what subject is that but, don't bother. Heh!

Gosh. What am I still doing here? I'm suppose to be updating my other blog instead of this one :S oh well, guess I need to search my blogging mojo back? And we'll see how long will this blogging thing last till I start abandoning it again :p teehee!

Blessings & Peace Out,
♠ Vanessa ♠™ ♥

Monday, August 2, 2010

Comfort Place

This would be the only place I would come to whenever I need to shout my complains that is buried within me! Rawr!

To be honest, I don't like it when people think that they're always right. Doesn't mean that you're older than me or you have more knowledge than I do, you are right in every ways. If I tell you about this, who knows that you'll be "sensitive" and get hurt by my words. But frankly speaking, do you think I actually like it when I actually think about how you feel first and decided not to talk about it? In case I embarrass you or something?

Expect expect expect please don't expect too much from me. I feel pressured whenever you "expect" me to know this and know that. "Practice some wisdom, please." The more all these words come throwing towards me, the more you guys are pushing me further away. Do you know that?

Now I'm doubting if I should attend the meeting this Wednesday.

Blessings & Peace Out,
♠ Vanessa ♠™ ♥

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Was emotionally down after dinner just now. I'm thinking too much again and I really wonder when would I ever overcome this stupid habit of mine and get over with it.

There were so many thoughts that came across my mind at that moment and instantly, all I want to do is to talk to someone that will make me feel better.

But, even as I manage to spill out those thoughts or feelings of mine to a friend or a family member, this irritating feeling in me will not go away that easily. I'll still feel the same as before and I really do not know how to get rid of that feeling.

However, whenever I start telling Him my problems, I can't help but to smile and feel relieve once I speak to Him. :) When all things fails, He's the One and Only that I can always depend on, count on, and turn towards to whenever I needed a helping hand, a friend that I can talk to, a comforter who will always comfort me, a Father who shows His undying love and care towards us, and a God who never forsakes you. :)

Without Him, I wouldn't be the person that I am today. Without Him, I wouldn't know where or what kind of situation would I end up at right now. Without Him, I was able to find joy in Him. Without Him, I am nothing.

Thank You Daddy God, for everything. I love you lots. :) ♥ ♥ ♥

Blessings & Peace Out,
♠ Vanessa ♠™ ♥

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Attended Jack & Jill's wedding ceremony in the evening. It was indeed a lovely and beautiful garden wedding held in Cyberview Lodge Resort :)

Taken by Philip Gan.

Taken by Pastor Dave.

Taken by Michelle Ng.

Pictures says it all. :) am not gonna further elaborate on how beautiful the weather is that time, which made the whole wedding ceremony even more beautiful! My very first time attending a garden wedding ceremony for your information :O

Congratulations once again to the newly weds! And in case you're wondering, I'm not joking on the names as their names are really Jack AND Jill. :D

Blessings & Peace Out,
♠ Vanessa ♠™ ♥